Salmon in the Stour - Charity Updates

Salmon in the Stour - Charity Updates
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In 2018 we released "Salmon in the Stour" Pale Ale. A refreshing pale ale which has been available in our venues and other bars along the River Stour.

The Salmon in the Stour is a project run by the Birmingham and Black Country aiming to improve the habitat of the River Stour for wildlife.

Once an important waterway for our industrial heritage, parts of the Stour have become neglected and polluted.

Unfortunately the Stour also suffers from numerous problems including poor habitat and water quality, litter, invasive species and poor access. The river channel has been heavily modified in places, making it visually unattractive and unsuitable for wildlife; whilst a number of manmade barriers prevent many fish species, especially those that migrate over long distances such as salmon, from finding suitable habitat to colonise and breed.


Although there are no salmon in this stretch of the headwaters there are other fish, such as 3-spined stickleback, stone loach and bull head (a protected UK BAP priority species) as found on recent Environment Agency electro-fishing surveys.  These fish are too small to navigate this weir.  There may also possibly be trout in the area, but the juveniles will, like the previous species, be a little too small to navigate this obstacle. 


salmon in the stour before and after
  • The weir also prevents natural morphological processes from occurring.  During low water levels.  A small weir such as this can impound water.  It can also lead to erosion and undercutting on the banks, potentially causing hazards to the public such as collapsing banks (which may lead to flooding) and wind-blown trees. 
  • This weir removal project is a localised habitat improvement project only.
  • We consulted with the local authority as part of the planning stage for this project and have recorded the structure for the Dudley Conservation Officer and the archives.
  • The removal of the weir went well and was successful with instant visual improvements to the watercourse.

Sadler's will continue to support the Salmon in the Stour Project into 2019. We will be selling our collaboration beer "Salmon in the Stour Pale Ale" in a 5L Mini Keg via our website in the spring -  this will include a donation to the project. We will also be holding a fundraising event at the Brewhouse in Lye - Details of this event are still being finalised.


Salmon in the Stour Pale Ale

If you'd like to Donate to the Salmon in the Stour Project directly, you can do so Here:


Angler Engagement Meeting:

On the 10th of April, 19.00 at Sadler’s Brewhouse, Lye, Salmon in the Stour will be holding an Angler Engagement Meeting.  The panel will open the floor to debate and discuss how to improve the river for anglers and how anglers can help in boosting natural fish stocks, stopping pollution and documenting the species found in the river.  Other topics will include a fishing passport scheme and habitat improvement, in a bid to improve the river for fishermen and women.

If you are an angler, then please come along and join the discussion.

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