Meet the Brewer - Steve

Meet the Brewer - Steve

Name: Steve

How long brewing? 3 Years

Where did your passion for beer come from?

I spent the rest of my working life in the pub trade taking enormous pride in making sure people enjoyed the beer I poured. I now sit at the end of the bar seeing people enjoying beer I made. That takes it to a whole new level.

What’s your favourite style and why?

 Don’t make me choose…

Strong beers… Booze pushes flavour: American style IPA, Doubles, Dubbels, Imperials, Tripels, Barrel Aged, fruited.

What’s the most stand out beer you have ever tried?

Recently? A de Molen Bourbon Barrel Aged fig and raisin Imperial Stout.

What’s your go to beer? (doesn’t have to be ours!)

 Vocation’s Life & Death

One wish for the beer world?

For the creativity, variety and positive influence it can bring to continue unhindered.


Steve will be contributing to our Brewers blogs, so keep an eye out for some more of his expertise.