American Eagle 4 Years Old + Mud City Stout Bundle Offer

Celebrate Father's Day with a classic combination of drinks - whiskey and beer. Save when you buy the two together.

1x 70cl bottle of American Eagle 4 Years Old Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey

1x case of 12 500ml bottles of Sadler's Mud City Stout

American Eagle 4 Years Old Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey 40%
Distilled from a mash bill comprising 84% corn, the four-year-old Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey from American Eagle has been matured in American oak barrels and underwent a charcoal-mellow filtration process. This creates a character that is rich in flavour while being smooth on the palate. 
Expected toasted oak, vanilla and fudge notes with bitter sweet orange and warming white pepper spice.

Sadler's Mud City Stout 6%
Brewed with raw cocoa, vanilla pods, flaked oats, wheat and a blend of beautifully dark malts. This stout can be enjoyed on it’s own or can be a perfect companion to roast meats, cheese, shellfish and chocolate cake. A roasty, nutty smell with a sweet, rich, smooth coffee taste.