J.J Whitley Artisanal Vodka Extra Large 1.75 Litre

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38% 1.75 Litre

With 2.5 times the standard bottle, this 1.75 litre bottle is a great option for vodka fans.

J.J Whitley Russian Artisanal vodka is an exceptional balanced vodka with warming spice and a rich, smooth taste

As a child, J.J. Whitley spent much of his time playing in the expansive gardens and natural hedgerows of his vicarage homes. As he grew older, the home-grown fruit and vegetables of the British garden became the staple of his kitchen table, preserving pots and, later, his vodka recipes, for which these vodkas act as the base.

With eight generations of distilling heritage, the Whitley family has been involved in the creation of innovative spirits since 1762, using the very best ingredients from around the world. JJ Whitley Distillery Russia is the newest global adventure for the brand, situated in one of Russia’s most historical cities, St. Petersburg.

J.J Whitley Russian Vodka Range is crafted using a unique production process using superlative Russian winter wheat and water from their our own artesian wells, 160 metres deep. This water is naturally soft and goes through four stags of filtration to achieve the optimal balance for distilling. This creates a premium quality vodka with a warming spice and a rich, smooth taste.
The final stage in the production of J.J Whitley Russian Vodka is the resting period. During this time, it is rested in a blend-conditioning unit to soften & smooth the taste. This resting leads to an exceptionally velvety & smooth tasting vodka.