J.J Whitley Mango & Papaya Gin Extra Large 1.75 Litre

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38% 1.75 Litre

With 2.5 times the standard bottle, this 1.75 litre bottle is a great option for gin fans.

JJ Whitley Mango & Papaya is a deliciously tropical addition to the JJ Whitley gin family which delivers an exotic twist to cocktails and simple mixers. Bursting with fresh fruit flavours this gin is perfect for the long, summer days and nights.

Taste the exotic with J.J Mango & Papaya. Juicy tropical fruits of luscious mango and papaya complement each other perfectly, with delicate hints of juniper and citrus, with a sweet finish. Ideal served over ice, its distinctive flavour makes great tasting easy to make drinks.