Mixed Case of Drop Forge Premium Lager & Sadler's Peaky Blinder Craft Lager

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4.1-5.3% abv 330ml Bottles
This pack contains 6 x 330ml 5.3% Drop Forge Premium Lager- A premium pale lager brewed with British Lager malt and a subtle blend of British and American hops. Cold conditioned for a crisp finish. Brewed like an ale but served like a lager, this full flavoured beer is a step further than your average Lager.
This pack contains 6 x 330ml 4.1% Sadler's Peaky Blinder Craft Lager- Our craft lager has undergone a bit of change with a new recipe making this crisp lager even more refreshing. It's easy-drinking, pale in colour, very crisp and clean with subtle floral and spicy aromas, with a pleasant malt sweetness. Vegan Friendly.