Beer, BBQs & Football

Nothing goes together better than beer, BBQs and football!

With the warmest spring under our belt, summer looking to be a blinder, and the added bonus... we are finally getting football back, it's time to get ready for a summer with friends. Fire up your barbie, invite your mates over and get the beers in. 

We've put together a cheeky little guide to matching barbecue staples with our favourite beers...

Sadler's Ales Burgers Goes well with  Order now
For Burgers we recommend either a lager such as Sadler's Peaky Blinder Craft Lager or Sadler’s Drop Forge Premium Lager, or for something with a bit more body try a Pale Ale like Sadler’s Thin Ice Pale Ale

Sadler's Ales Barbeque Steaks Goes well with  Order now
Nothing beats a wonderful steak and the barbecued meaty taste it delivers. You need a robust beer that will work well alongside this, for example a Stout or Porter so why not try Sadler’s Mud City Stout, where the strong malts in the beer work well with the meat.

Sadler's Ales Barbeque Chicken Goes well with Sadler's Drop Forge Premium LagerOrder now
With a milder flavour, chicken works well with lager such as Sadler’s Drop Forge Premium Lager or Sadler's Peaky Blinder Craft Lager or a wheat/white beer such as Sadler’s 1861 White Beer.

Sadler's Ales Barbequed Lamb Goes well with Sadler’s Hop Bomb West Coast Pale AleOrder now
The strong taste of lamb can overwhelm a light beer. You need a stronger tasting beer such as an IPA like Sadler's Peaky Blinder Black IPA or Sadler’s Red IPA and other strongly hopped beers such as Sadler’s Hop Bomb West Coast Pale Ale.

Sadler's Ales Barbequed SeafoodGoes well with Sadler's Peaky Blinder Golden AleOrder now
As with chicken, lighter tasting beers work well with Seafood. For example a golden ale such as Sadler's Peaky Blinder Golden Ale or a lager such as Sadler’s Drop Forge Premium Lager or Sadler's Peaky Blinder Craft Lager.

Sadler's Ales SausagesGoes well withSadler’s Red IPAOrder now
Well, in our view, all beers work with that staple BBQ meat, the sausage! However, for something a little different, try Sadler’s Red IPA.