National Peaky Blinder Day 2nd July

On July 2nd 2021 we celebrate National Peaky Blinder Day, a day to celebrate the history of the Black Country, its people and the part the infamous Peaky Blinder gang played in making the are world famous. Sadler’s has based in the heart of the Black Country since 1861.

This year we are celebrating the day with lots of online goodies, over the celebration weekend we have plenty of great deals on offer and be giving away lucky dip prizes with 1 in 5 orders. Prizes will range from t-shirts and mugs to minis and full size bottles. 


Raise a glass to hard graft!

The original Peaky Blinder gang had direct links to the Sadler’s family back in the 1800s, and were regular visitors to their well-known Birmingham pubs and establishments during that period. With the creation of the Peaky Blinder Spirits range in 2017, each spirit was named after founding members of the Sadler family business, as well as real Peaky Blinder gang members as a tribute.

So why July 2nd?

Speaking to social historian Professor Carl Chinn MBE, we’ve delved into the stories of the original Peaky Blinder gang and those who adorn our bottles. Henry Lightfoot, the first recognised member of the gang, was well-known in the Birmingham area for his misdemeanours, yet in 1916 he signed up to the British Army to fight for his country at the Battle of the Somme. After two days in battle he was injured, and discharged from the army on the 2nd July.

We wanted to celebrate the hard graft and toil displayed by the founders of Sadler’s and the people of the Black Country area during this period and beyond, which is really what the brand is all about.

The Sadler’s belief in hard graft derives from this time, so raise a glass to your own hard graft on National Peaky Blinder Day!