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108 Bar inside The Marylebone Hotel, London, is delighted to be creating its own bespoke 108 Gin, distilled in-house and only now is it available to all.

Made from a special gin still, affectionately known as “Isabella”, you can pour your own gin which is made to perfectly compliment Mediterranean Tonic and a slice of orange.

The first step of gin-making involves the botanicals being steeped for approximately 48 hours in neutral grain before the distillation process can begin. The distillation itself takes around four hours. All the botanicals are heated in the copper pot still in order to create our unique flavour profile. Copper is used due to its exceptional heat conducting properties and helps to remove any unwanted impurities, ensuring a perfectly balanced final product. 108 Gin’s botanicals include Juniper Berries, Sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Coriander Seeds, Prune, Cardamom, Basil and Angelica Root. Isabella then pours out the gin at about 80% alcohol content, ready for the dilution process.

Once the mixture is diluted there is a tasting by the 108 Bar team in order to ensure the gin is perfect. If 108 Bar’s expert distillers are not happy with the final product, they start the process from scratch, tweaking the botanicals and varying the amounts until they achieve the perfect flavour.