Minus 33 Original Juniper Spirit

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33% 70cl

At the heart of LoCa lies a disregard for the norm. Using instinct, and a touch of science, Minus 33 spent a year experimenting to create the perfect taste. What they discovered was this 33% ABV spirit, with 46 calories per serve. As a result, it's not quite gin. It's something better.
Minus 33 makes a range of great tasting, light and refreshing low calorie spirit with no added sugars, sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

Serving Suggestion:
50ml Minus 33 Original (Juniper Berries)
200ml light tonic/ elderflower tonic
A lot of ice
Garnish with a wedge of orange

46 calories per serve
Wholly Natural Ingredients
Gluten Free - Vegan