Mud City Original Stout

Mud City Original Stout

Sadler's Mud Original City Stout Craft Brewed (ABV 4.3%)

Brewed with raw cocoa, vanilla pods, flaked oats, wheat and a blend of beautifully dark malts. This stout can be enjoyed on it’s own or can be a perfect companion to roast meats, cheese, shelfish and chocolate cake. A roasty, nutty smell with a sweet, rich, smooth coffee taste. A classic brew.

Available in cask, bottle and keg.


Cyclops Beer Style: Original Stout ABV: 4.3%

See Ebony Black

Smell Cocoa, Roasted, Nutty

Taste Sweet, Rich, Coffee, Smooth



Try this stout in a pie, stew, cake or ice cream.

Roast meats, shellfish, strong cheese and sweet chocolate puddings.