Sadler's Mellow Yellow Polypin

20-litres (35.2 pints) of Sadler's Mellow Yellow Craft Brewed (ABV 3.9%) Indian Pale Ale.

A pale honey ale, the powerful hop character is balanced with a sweet smooth honey finish. Perfect for parties.

Features a built-in tap for pouring.

To prepare and serve, simply place the polypin in its final serving location with the tap down in a cool place. Leave it approximately 12 hours for the yeast to settle leaving crystal clear beer to be enjoyed. Much like other bag-in-box style drinks, air cannot enter the polypin so your beer will last anything up to 7 days if kept in a cool environment.

All polypins should be ordered as close to the event date as possible, with delivery available Monday-Friday. If your polypin is required for a specific date, or you have any special requirements, please email us directly after placing your order.

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