Sadler's Peaky Blinder Raspberry Cream Rum Liqueur - Annie Sadler

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In England’s famous ‘Black Country’, Sadler’s have been purveyors of the finest Spirits and beers since 1861.

Over a century’s worth of knowledge and passion has lead us to source outstanding Caribbean rum, which we have blended with a smooth rich cream revealing delectable raspberry flavours for a great tasting rum liqueur’.

Before the industrial revolution the ‘Black Country’ was a rural area surrounded by plentiful fields and farms. The working men and women of the area would have working holidays on hop farms, dairy farms and fruit farms elsewhere (Hops from Worcestershire was then used in local brewing) and were paid in free accommodation and fresh produce, returning home with products from surrounding areas.

Rum would have travelled up the canal system all the way from Bristol to Bewdley and then by horse on to the rest of the black country.

Annie Sadler formed the link through marriage between two brewing and distilling families, the Jordan family and the Sadler family. The linking of these two families was the start of the expansion of the business, owning 13 pubs between them and being able to supply their own local pub network.

Peaky Blinder Raspberry Rum Cream Liqueur is our contemporary tribute to the land and lady who brought our founders together.